The Weaver's Nest Green Birdhouse with Orchids

The Weaver's Nest Green Birdhouse with Orchids

The Weaver's Nest™
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Brand: The Weaver's Nest

Color: White light green


  • Feature: This bird house catch attention of small birds anywhere around your home. 
  • For small birds: This birdhouse is perfect for songbirds such as tits, finches, robin, chickadee, blue-bird, passerine, wren, sparrow, purple finch and much more and perches for the birds to stay.
  • Size: The small bird nest size 18x23x19 cm protects birds from wind, rain and predators such as cats and rodents. Door in the back side to maintain it and can be hanged with hooks in behind and top.
  • Easy to clean: As soon as it arrives on your doorstep, our bird house comes ready to use. It features back door to maintain and clean the bird house.
  • Material: This bird house is handpainted made of high quality Medium-density fibreboard wood, it comes with a poly urethane coating giving it water resistant smooth finish.

Publisher: The Weaver's Nest


Home of happiness accented with colorful flowers garden delights. Adds charm and colour to any garden or backyard. Bird house comes with a door on the back to clean the bird house. Ready to hang on the wall.

Attract a range of garden birds like sparrows, tits and other small cavity nesting birds. The nest box has sparrow specific entry hole which prevents other predators from entering inside. Installation is as easy as putting a photo frame. Will help you watch birds from close quarters. Make sure that your nesting box is installed well before the breeding season begins.

Size: 18x23x19 cm

Item Condition: New