About The Weaver's Nest

The Weaver's Nest has started its journey with the vision of beautifying and decorating the surrounding of your abode. Be it your house, office, garden, terrace; we help enhance the aesthetic ambience of indoor as well as outdoor through our vast range of collection – from classic wood work to more trendy metal work.

Most of our artifacts like bird feeders, planters, etc. have multiple utilities. These can sometimes facilitate renovations of one’s home; sometimes they can enhance its décor too. We at The Weaver's Nest always strive for holistic beauty while being responsible for clean environment. 

Additionally, The Weaver's Nest does consultancies to decorate one’s gardens, balconies, welcome areas, etc. We are also open to business consultancies. In individual cases, we may offer customized solution too as per the size and nature of the order.